Lips are a very stressed part of our face in every season. They do not have their own fat layer, so care of them should be more intensive, especially in winter. Moreover, they are very sensitive and often reflect any of our discomfort. Dry and cracked lips are not pleasant, whether you are a woman or a man. When choosing a balsam, focus primarily on the composition and on the lowest proportion of water.

Lets take a look at the best of what is inside of Lipsticann:

Beeswax has amazing properties! It is rich in vitamin A, has excellent antiseptic and antioxidant properties, and what is important, deeply nourishes and moisturizes. Thanks to that it faster regenerates fine lips, heals minor injuries and disinfects. It is a great helper in the winter, when creates a waterproof film on the skin and thereby protect by the user from frost and wind.

Shea butter is a natural miracle full of vitamins A, E, F and you can also find unsaturated fatty acids in it. Thanks to this nutritional composition actively cares of the skin, intensively regenerates and nourishes it. Shea Butter also support the production of collagen and thus increases the elasticity and suppleness of the lips. It helps to slow down the aging process, locks the skin’s moisture and thus supports healing of cracked skin of the lips.

Hemp oil and hemp seed extract, “Green Gold” with lots of amazing properties. It harmonises skin cells condition, balances moisturizing, lipid and pH balance and restores natural protective microfilm. Thanks to vitamin E content, it protects skin from external influences and signs of aging. Therefore, it regenerates, lubricates, soothes, softens the skin and increases its resistance.

Give your lips a gentle peeling

Sweet peeling: Mix sugar and honey in a small bowl, then warm up the paste gently in steam or microwave. Softly massage lips with it.

Salted peeling: Here we need some olive oil and sea salt. Mixing them together create a porridge that easily removes rough skin of the lips. Whatever peeling you choose, remember – after it is always important to moisturize your lips. Do not overdo it with abrasion, treat it once, twice a week at most.