As far as mouthwashes are concerned, the right choice is also important in this case. Some mouthwashes contain chemicals that react with food and could color teeth. High attention should be given to those suffering from gum bleeding, as an inappropriate product could lead to those problems getting worse.

Like toothpastes, mouthwashes with a natural composition can be used. Be sure you give your teeth only the best. Natural mouthwashes don’t contain any chemical sulphates, dyes or aromas, but strong essential oils, herbal extracts, and other natural ingredients take care of your teeth. Regular use of mouthwash strengthens teeth against tooth decay, kills bacteria and refreshes breath. You can penetrate every corner where the toothbrush does not get.

ORCANN is 100% natural concentrated mouthwash. It contains 60% hemp ingredients and other herbal extracts and oils for excellent oral hygiene care. The mouthwash refreshes your breath and, if used regularly, effectively reduces any possible bad breath. Up to 3 liters of mouthwash can be prepared from the package. In the case of minor inflammation in the oral cavity (aphtha), it is possible that the mouthwash can be applied directly to the problematic area with a cotton swab.

What is hidden in this glass vial?

Cannabis Seed Extract – “Green Gold” with lots of amazing abilities. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports the healing process.

Sage oil – contains essential oils (thujone, cineol, camphor, borneol, salviol). It also contains tannins, saponins, resins, B-group vitamins, vitamin P. The usage of sage is wide due to its anti-inflammatory effects. Relieves gingivitis and is also disinfectant. It also helps to eliminate bad breath.

Stevia Sweet Extract – Strengthens gums and enamel to increase caries protection. This South American plant has also antibacterial and antiviral effects.

Bergamot oil – Bergamot is a crossbreed between orange and lemon. It is antiseptic and also acts as a mild preservative in the product.

Peppermint oil – Mint leaves contain essential oil, with main components menthol and methon. Peppermint essential oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It relieves toothache and has a calming cooling effect.

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