This masterpiece among Annabis products is a great synergy of natural substances dedicated to premature skin aging. Néocann Elixir HA is an elegant replenishment of your skin cells by a combination of unique anti-aging ingredients. It indulges your skin with an immediate luxury effect even in the deepest layers of your skin. The product is vegan-friendly.

Néocann Elixir HA contains low molecular weight HA and high molecular weight HA. LMW is a designation for low molecular weight acid (Low Molecular Weigh). HMW is a designation fro high molecular weight acid (High Molecular Weight).

OLIGO HA is hyaluronic acid and has an even lower molecular weight than LMW. The smaller the molecule, the greater its ability to penetrate deeper into the skin. This hyaluronic acid is formed by bacterial fermentation (the bacterium Lactobacillus Plantarum). Therefore, it is vegan.

High-molecular HA has no chance to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, but even on its surface there is a task for it. It traps moisture from the environment and creates a barrier to prevent transdermal water loss and drying of the skin, which maintains a smooth, supple surface. It has the ability to intensively hydrate the skin and has an immediate smoothing effect.

Low molecular weight HA binds moisture and swells like a sponge sealing the intercellular spaces. It has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin, improves its elasticity and tension, creates hydration reserves and revitalizes intercellular water retention in the skin. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid acts in the deeper layers of the skin, which high molecular weight HA cannot.

Effects of hyaluronic acid:

• intensively hydrates the skin in the deep layers
• gives the skin firmness and smoothness
• has anti-wrinkle effects (swells and fills wrinkles and lines from the inside)
• creates a suitable environment for the process of collagen and elastin synthesis
• has antioxidant effects, fights free radicals
• improves the condition of the skin

LIFTONIN®-XPERT is an intelligent collagen booster obtained from the leaf sap of the South African medicinal plant Bulbine Frutescens. Pure sap is obtained by cold pressing the leaves. LIFTONIN®-XPERT offers an innovative mechanism that can compensate for collagen imbalances in the dermis (the strongest part of the skin) in a controlled way. A unique combination of acetylated polymannose, which has a stimulating effect on fibroblasts (the basic cell of connective tissue that produces collagen) and knipholone, which suppresses inflammatory manifestations, is making LIFTONIN®-XPERT a smart manager of the dermis structure.

Scientifically confirmed effects on the skin:

• Supports fibroblast regeneration (the basic cell of connective tissue that produces collagen)
• Activates the production of high-quality collagen and acts as a collagen filler for wrinkles
• Anti-aging / Lifting effect / Contour remodeling
• Visible results even at low concentrations
• It has a calming anti-inflammatory effect
• Helps significantly improve the appearance of the skin

DEFENSIL®-SOFT is a neuro-balm that improves the comfort zone of the skin. The active ingredient is based on the edible fungus Albatrellus Ovinus, commonly known as Sheep Polypore. Thanks to the active ingredients grifolin, neogrifolin and scutigeral, DEFENSIL®-SOFT effectively suppresses the TRPV1 * pain receptor. When applied to the skin, it provides a soothing effect and reduces the premature signs of skin aging.

Clinically proven effects:

• Shows excellent binding to the TRPV1 pain receptor *
• Blocks TRPV1 pain receptor function *
• It has an anti-inflammatory effect
• Protects against heat stress and soothes irritated skin
• Prevents damage to the skin barrier caused by infrared radiation
• Slows down skin aging
• Improves skin tolerance to irritants in cosmetics
• Smoothes the skin

* The TRPV1 pain receptor, which is part of sensory neurons and keratinocytes (the major skin cell; accounts for up to 95% of all cells in human skin), regulates skin comfort: Increased TRPV1 levels can lead to increased skin sensitivity and discomfort caused by sunburn. On the other hand, especially thermal stress caused by infrared radiation can activate TRPV1, which causes typical aging processes, such as increased collagen degradation. This form of premature skin aging caused by heat stress is also known as “thermal aging”.

CANNABIS SATIVA SEED EXTRACT – Only organic hemp seed extract of the highest quality is contained in Néocann Elixir HA.

Benefits of the sativa seed extract: It has an excellent ability to harmonize the condition of skin cells. Its antibacterial effects help reduce the skin’s inflammatory symptoms, and in combination with hyaluronic acid provides the skin with a greater dosage of hydration.